Cooked Bird

Path and Instagram have shown that the social app war is far from over. The blind spot of the successful social web platforms like Twitter and Facebook appears their late to the game, lackluster iOS experience. Even with the iPad 3 due out in a few months the iOS Facebook UI has only recently become tolerable.

The just released, new-new-new Twitter, with the delivered-upon promise of consistency, is a good indication of how blind they are to iOS. Gruber nails it, as usual with a scathing review of their iOS app.

I have no doubt that a well designed, well executed, iOS only social network that implemented the original Twitter social model (one-way connection as apposed to two-way) could be successful in spite of Twitter’s dominance. I don’t think these upstarts will unseat the giants immediately, but they have shown that there’s more room at the social app dinning table. I hope someone pulls up a chair soon, Twitter seems a bit overdone now.

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